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TIME: 2015

COOPERATE: Anglepoise


make the artificial light tell us the time passing by using the shadow and light movement


personal project

“TIMEABLE” is a light design which can show the time passing.

The idea comes from planet trials, the elliptical shape in space is special and attractive. By using a pathway with cross structure, the light can move in an oval pathway, like a planet running in space. The changing point light position can make shadow change. At the same time, when light moves far away, the light will be weaker. These two ways can make people who work under the artificial light feel the time passing.

Light can tell us the time passing

Aimed to imagine and design a new way of new function or anything about light in the future.

Every day we interact with switches linked to devices that illuminate spaces. Rarely do we think about what light can be used for. The project is interested in speculative applications that can identify interesting design territories, for future opportunities to ‘use light’.

It is a normal day in London winter, Kensington. We use artificial light from 1 P.M, and living on the no-time-feeling light over 10 hours every day.

An ellipse is a curve on a plane that surrounds two focal points such that the sum of the distances to the two focal points is constant for every point on the curve. And planetary orbits are elliptical. So I planned to use a cross structure pathway to make light moving in the oval.

To make the structure stronger enough to hold on ceiling, it needs more springs to keep the balance onto a horizontal plane.

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