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Lever principle: expected to be used on the handheld structure of the vacuum cleaner to reduce the user’s fatigue after long time use.


I have noticed some nimble and agile living creatures in nature, such as the hammerhead shark with a long streamlined body.


The streamline is used in the vacuum cleaner design to visually suggest the flexibility and lightweight to the user. Meanwhile, similar to the fish, the canoe also has a streamlined appearance, which is another reference to the design.

The body of the vacuum cleaner adopts the modular design. A support unit is added to the end of the handheld part so that a labor-saving lever is formed by the arm, arm support and the handle during its use for reducing the fatigue of the user. In the control aspect, a power button plus a touch screen is used. The level can be adjusted with the thumb reaching out to move from left to right on the intensity control bar. Moreover, current intensity and the rest working time will be shown alternatively on the screen. The vacuum cleaner is composed of the brush head, the extension pole and the body. The user can combine the three major parts according to one’s own requirements (brush extension or replacement).

Based on the analysis on the use and the representative user of the vacuum cleaner, the major problem of the vacuum cleaner is that the body structure design is not fit for the user (mainly women). In the later design process, low-power, lightweight and labor-saving structure is adapted to suit various cleaning scenarios and in the meantime show the care for the female user.


We have conducted field surveys in several cities to collect the current use information of the vacuum cleaner, including the user information, the type of the vacuum cleaner in use, the use frequency, the use experience and the user opinions about the vacuum cleaners at current stage (advantages and disadvantages) and their expectations for the future vacuum cleaner.

Information collection

With arm up, the arm support will hold the part below the wrist when the vacuum cleaner is used to clean the higher places such as the window, ceiling. 

Meanwhile,with arm down, the arm support will hold the part below the wrist when the vacuum cleaner is used to clean the lower places such as the floor, carpet. 

Design orientation​​

More lightweight and labor-saving structure


Reduce unnecessary functions, more direct user orientation


More care for the female user


Noise reduction


Simple and fashionable appearance with a sense of rhythm


TIME: 2014



team project

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