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TIME: 2015


team project


Suitable Place-making, London Olympic Park

For this project, the neighbourhood and communities we focus on are located in the Queen Elizabeth Park in East London and surrounding boroughs - Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest.


This vast site was the main location for the London 2012 Olympic Games and is now managed by the London Legacy Development Corporation which is responsible for the long-term planning, development, management and maintenance of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and its impact on the surrounding area. It is our task to transform and integrate one of the most challenged areas in the UK into sustainable and thriving neighbourhoods.


Our group found that it is rare to hear birds singing in London Olympic park. To make us live in a better environment, we designed a whole system: birds I view.


Including three steps in this project: 1 creating a network or sensors; 2 enabling and activating the community; 3 future ambitions. The whole plan is from creating the birds’ environment to the interaction with people, through technology ways like laser cutting and Arduino, we can be a part of birds’ lives.

Step one : creating network or sensors

Laser cutting gives us a convenient and fast way to build houses for birds. Sensors made by Arduino can collect the useful information about birds’ living, such as baby birds growing, or the living habit about birds, that will be educational.

Step two : enabling and activating the community

By using the app in our digital types of equipment, we can share our feeling about birds nearby and communities manager can also use this way to organize some activities or games about birds.


Also, through the social application, each sensor can use their own account as human users.

A little bit ambitious ideas about future:


Through the development of technology, birds flying way can be shown on screen (picture1), making residents deeper understand birds.


The information collected by sensors can build a huge information net about birds, we can see these whenever and wherever we are.


Also, we can build some sound sensors on sculptures, a pedestrian can hear the singing of birds when they walk through.

Step three : future ambitions

observation, consideration and design

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